Can good study habits help your child have lower blood pressure for life?

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Now that school has begun, you may need some encouragement that the daily homework battles with your kids are worth the fight. How about research that suggests children who do their homework may be learning life skills that make them less likely to have high blood pressure later in life?

An Australian study of 2,350 12-year-olds found that for every hour per day the children spent reading or studying, their chances of having elevated blood pressure fell by 19 percent. Those children who spent that time watching TV or playing video games had higher blood pressure.

The researchers thought that perhaps those children with good study habits also had better eating habits and higher activity levels – both of which contribute to a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

If you (or more likely your stubborn child) need more persuasion to brush up on the study skills, consider the other great life skills that can be learned from a dedicated homework regimen.

Studying builds confidence as your child’s results in school improve. Good study habits also help kids learn how to prioritize and stay organized. Learning how to balance socializing, school, fitness and extracurricular activities, will prepare them to make their own healthful decisions once they’re on their own.

By encouraging goods skills now, you may be giving your child the gift of physical and emotional health for years to come. What other life skills do you try to instill in your children?

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